Da principio


Action + installation + performance
Plaster and building materials, mortar.
Environmental dimensions

I have worked for five days at number 7 via Carducci, Pianoro, in one of the houses long abandoned and due to be demolished. Interacting with the process of corrosion already begun by time, surfaces and parts of the walls were removed through a slow process of digging through the layers of plaster, down to the brickwork, to reveal a kind of temporal mapping of living. The removed material has undergone a further decomposition process. The layers of the wall were then ground to powder manually, using a mortar: a slow process leading to a return to the shapeless, alluding to the cyclical nature of the processes of creation and destruction of matter.
The dust was then laid on the floor, as in a miniature quarry.
The action produces a rhythmic and regular soundscape, beating out the time of ongoing transmutation.

The work was created for Cuore di pietra. A Public Art Project in Pianoro, curated by Mili Romano, Pianoro, 2011.

Biblioteca Silvio Mucini Pianoro