Estrazioni – Extended section / ritrovamenti


Extended section. Grass, humus, brick, stones, earth, organic elements.
Findings. Organic, mineral, artificial elements, Petri dishes of different sizes.
Environment dimensions.

The work addresses the material extracted from a previous excavation in the ground and consists of the meticulous identification of each element that makes it up. The earth was carefully sifted, broken down into its visible elements, in a process of selection, separation and grouping, and then reassembled on the floor to form a curved line that hints at the spiral as the matter it is made of disintegrates ever finer. The findings, on the other hand, have been arranged in transparent columns of Petri dishes.



This work is the enactment of a process of knowledge, on a scale of 1:1, that temporarily makes visible what is inside the earth without the earth around it, suspending the process of decomposition to reactivate it at the end of the exhibition by pouring all the material back into the excavation to close it up. An action that re-establishes a link with the earth and with time, to rediscover the elements of an underground dimension of existence.


Estrazioni – scavo

Estrazioni – extended section

Estrazioni – ritrovamenti

> Casabianca, Emanuela Ascari, Sabrina Torelli, Cesare Viel, curated by Massimo Marchetti and Anteo Radovan, Zola Predosa (BO).