A house for art and research in Romanian countryside. 
A research project aimed at developing ecological thinking by experiencing a rural environment.
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Intersecția is an informal space for art in the south-eastern Carpathian Mountains, in Transylvania, Romania. It is an independent project based on hospitality, conviviality and sharing, that takes place in the house of my maternal grandparents, in the little village of Brădet, Întorsura Buzăului, where I invite artists for a research period during the summer.
It is an invitation to living and engaging with the Romanian countryside, exploring the pastures and the woods around the village, in an attempt to deconstruct our urban habits of thinking, and to rethink the interrelation of man with the environment from an ecological point of view, by learning from the meadows, the trees, the villagers, the animals, the mushrooms, the wind, and their interrelationships.