Materia per una o più storie

(di terra, di acqua e di fuoco)


Dig, 50x50x24 cm.
Display: 3 video laser prints on photographic paper, 49×65 cm; various sizes of video laser prints, mixed earth, plastic bags, various objects.
Environmental dimensions.


The work starts from an investigation of an area along the edges of the Boicelli canal in Ferrara, that divides the city from the petrochemical plant, to explore what happens in that marginal strip between earth and water. The discovery of a plaque affixed to the pillar of a viaduct, commemorating the death of Sergiu Putin, was a finding on which I decided to investigate more, by collecting clues and information, until I dug up an object that I considered circumstantial.




> Produced by Il mestiere delle arti, advanced course of the Emilia Romagna Region, 2011, for the exhibition Il mestiere delle arti. Here we are. Il luogo è sempre specifico, curated by Martina Angelotti, PAC, Center for Contemporary Art, Ferrara, 2010.