Materia Primaria


n. 40 boxes of plexiglass, with soils, rocks, gravels, clays, sands
Environmental size

Materia Primaria was firstly conceived for the Delfini Civic Library of Modena, and it consists of 40 display cases containing samples of rocks, soils, sands, clays, and fossils, collected in the territory of the Province of Modena.
An archive of “books of soils” to compose a new disciplinary area among the categories of knowledge proper to a library: Ecosophy. They are the texts of knowledge that derive from the earth as the “primary matter “of the culture and of the behaviors of a community.

Subsequently, Materia Primaria has become itinerant, a traveling installation presented in several libraries of the Province with a public talk in which I invited the geologist with whom I collaborated, and some farmers, to share their knowledge on soil, rocks, and the environment, and to confront each other on that common ground.



Materia primaria – itinerante


> Materia Primaria, produced for Area Progetto Off, by GAI and Galleria Civica di Modena, at Biblioteca Civica Delfini, and presented during FestivalFilosofia 2011.