A day with the ciurda

An experience of the landscape on the Carpathian Mountains, walking with the herd, in cow step. A research project by Intersecția.

The video was made during Interchange. Creative workshops between art and environmental biodiversity, in collaboration with Nico Angiuli and the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bari.

With Nico Angiuli, Emanuela Ascari, Vittoria Ceglia, Francesco Paolo Gassi, Alessia Lastella, Martina Petrelli, Alessandra Rivelli Antezza, Ester Santovito and with Ionel Cristea, the cowherd, and fifty between cows, horses, calves and foals.

Video shooting: Nico Angiuli
Video editing: Emanuela Ascari

Produced by Academy of Fine Arts of Bari
@Intersecția 2022