Multimedia installation
audio file mp3, 12’ 15” in loop
n.6 Circular chromatography + digital photography. Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle Photorag paper,
With matte black wooden frame. (30x30x5cm on pedestals 30x30x110cm)
Environmental size

Kósmos is an installation conceived for the Church of Saints Charles and Agatha in Reggio Emilia, which brings into dialogue two separate previous works, Risonanze (2011) and Corpo celeste (2015-2019).
In the inhabited areas of Earth, we are now deprived of the opportunity to admire the wonder of the starry sky around us, and to have that intense experience of infinity that generated the feeling of spirituality and connection with kósmos in human beings. Since we lost the starry sky, obscured by the light and atmospheric pollution of modernity, the ecological crisis has also begun, a phase of environmental imbalance that is altering the conditions of life on the planet to the point of making it increasingly inhospitable to humans and many other forms of life.

The sound part of the exhibition, Risonanze, is an invitation to reestablish that connection, evoking this denied landscape, no longer accessible to the eye, with the cadenced reading of a succession of star names, accompanying a series of negative images of circular chromatographs of soils, expressions of the earth's vitality, to reveal a cosmic depth inherent in the Earth.

The exhibition aims to extend the boundaries of the imaginary to include the sky again. A sky that, at a broader look, also includes the Earth, a celestial body among others, and us with it.


> curated by FlagNoFlags Contemporary Art, Reggio Emilia.

with a text by Giovanni Nicolini.