Feral Garden

Various vegetal, mineral, and animal materials, that make up the garden
Variable size



In the garden of the Isella family, I focused on the only wild area: a weed-covered build-up of soil and rubble surrounded by three stumps of Cedrus Atlantica. The happening is meant to be an invitation to enter this untamed area, creating paths to explore it and lay our eyes where the lack of attention has created an island of biodiversity turned into a garden. A wild garden, which lives and renew throughmovement and change.

In my archaeological excavating, I also wanted to highlight the mixing of its natural and human parts, exposing the unseen, revealing that layer where soil, rocks, roots, leaves, seeds and human scraps meet in a slow process of decay and reorganization.

The work means to take possession of the space in a discrete way, without a pre-existing project, guided by curiosity, amazement, and beauty, to reveal and show what already exists. Feral is what, after being tamed, becomes wild again.





Created for Gallery Sweet Gallery Outdoor, 2021, at the invitation of Elena Isella, Mariano Comense (CO).