Verso il sole, per elevarsi da terra


Bamboo stems, bronze sculpture, hemp plant


In organic farming, man’s role is to simply help nature take its course, knowing its processes, with minimal and minimally invasive interventions, such as using simple wooden or bamboo supports to grow tomato or bean plants so that they get less moisture and more sun.

This support is a minimal cultural element, which I identified as significant with respect to the discourse I wanted to express on the relationship between man and nature, and which I used to build an environmental installation. I have thus developed a sort of vegetable garden within the exhibition space, but made only of these supports, without the plant element, an empty vegetable garden, where nature is absent precisely to shift the focus to the cultural element. These slender supports symbolically become supports for human growth and also refer to the role of cultural support that the institution should have for the community. But these, not anchored to the ground, are instead fragile and unstable, the size of a man but not suitable for supporting him.

One of them holds a hemp plant, a trace of the performance that took place on 8 October, and serves as a link to the book of the journey (printed on hemp paper) displayed together with the installation, while only one of these elements is made of bronze, and inserted in a mimetic manner among the others, accessible to those who sharpen their gaze to catch variations in light and degrees of reality.


> Produced by MACRO, Artists in Residence Programme 2015


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