Ciò che è vivo – culture tour | libro


Artist’s book
72 pp. Printed on hemp paper. Hand-paginated
16x21x5,5 cm (11,52 m open)
Limited edition of 3 copies with wooden box (19x24x7 cm)

Installation on fir boards with easels
Variable dimensions

Of the journey undertaken with the Ciò che è vivo – culture tour, I have produced an artist’s book.

The book consists on the one hand of the images of the installation at the different stops, and on the other hand of nine texts written by some of my guests, previously published on, including a conversation with Gianfranco Baruchello and Carla Subrizi, published instead on A collection of essays and ethical thoughts on agriculture, biodiversity, man, life, to spread a thought based on the principles of Biodynamics and Permaculture. A book of landscapes and earth culture.

The book is printed on hemp paper, with the idea of enhancing a now-forgotten culture, the one linked to a plant of which we were the second largest producer in the world until the 1950s, then disappeared from our landscapes. Many products can be obtained with hemp and its growth is beneficial to the environment, absorbing CO2 and even harmful substances from the soil. The idea is to emphasise through art the possibility of an ecological production chain for the economy of an area, offering a possibility of union between culture, agriculture and industry.

The book was displayed together with a hemp plant from one of the fields visited during the tour, showing the beginning and end of a possible production process.


> Produced by MACRO, Artists in Residence Programme 2015


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Ciò che è vivo – culture tour

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