Sound Environment

File mp3, 12’ 15” in loop

There are no more stars to be seen in the night sky. In urban areas, we are deprived on the chance to have direct experience of that sense of the infinite which provided man with the first and most intense sentiment of spirituality.

This is a work on a territory that is now inaccessible to the gaze, not only to the body, exploring depths that can only be named. A paced reading of the proper names of stars in alphabetical order, taken from Wikipedia; ancient names corresponding to the brightest and best-known stars, most of which are in Arabic, but also in Latin, Greek and Chinese. Names that show the history of a shared knowledge straddling different eras and territories. A singsong arises which, like in a mantra, a litany, or in the recitation of the Rosary, means to set the mind free and allow it to leave the confines of material reality, to be projected where material is pure energy, vibration, and harmony. Both in the reading and in the listening. This is an audio work evoking that forbidden landscape, a re-elaboration of our link with the Kosmos (an ordered and harmonic system) through the use of the voice and of the body as a sounding board.

The audio is transmitted throughout the space to constitute a sound installation. 




> Menzione speciale al Premio San Fedele, Milano, 2011.