Carbon negative


Plotter print on 100% handmade hemp cellulose paper.
49×69 cm


Project: Grow cannabis Sativa (hemp) to obtain the material for artwork, saving CO2, and restore the environment, for aesthetic and environmental production.

The project is illustrated by two prints on handmade hemp cellulose paper, including a picture of a hemp field so that the beginning and the end of a production process coincide with the object that exhibits this process.

Hemp was traditionally grown in Italy and has now disappeared from the landscape due to international prohibition. It has recently been discovered that this plant possesses characteristics that can help improve the conditions of the current environment. As it grows, before becoming the raw material for a large number of products, this plant carries out an important action of ecological balance (ecological value). Thanks to its rapid growth, it absorbs an amount of CO2 that is larger than the one produced by its cultivation-processing, so its cultivation is considered carbon negative. Moreover, it also has the ability to absorb and store heavy metals from the soil, thus contributing to the remediation of the territory where it lives.

The intent of this work is to rethink the rapport between human activities and natural processes, with the aim of devising a future based on the renewal abilities that life naturally implements, driving the planning processes to principles of synergy and coexistence.

The aim of this work is to rethink the relationship between human activity and natural processes, with the idea of foreshadowing a future based on the regeneration capacities that life naturally puts in place, orienting design on the principles of synergy and coexistence.