Corpo celeste


Circular chromatography + digital photography.
Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle Photorag paper, with matte black wooden frame.
Prints 30×30/75×75 cm. Frames 33×33/78×78 cm.

Circular chromatography is a chemical method to create drawings from a substance, and it is used in Biodynamic Agriculture for qualitative soil analysis. These images are a visible expression of the vitality of soils, their structure, and of the relationship between organic matter, minerals and biological activity.

During the “ Ciò che è vivo – culture tour “, I collected soil samples and I made a cromatografia for each one. The drawings were then photographed and the colors of the images were reversed, negative, revealing the cosmic depth inherent in the earth, and highlighting the connection between the Earth and the space around it. If it’s seen from a distance, moving the point of view, and on a different scale, even the Earth is an aster, a celestial body.


> Exhibition Doppio scarto, Quasi Quadro, Torino, 2019

Text by Giovanni Cervi