No. 9 carts with wheels, 58x30x18 cm
Food, furnishings, blanket, wild fennel, St. John's Wort, music, candles, tree root, books.


Since 1989 millions of Romanians emigrate to live and work abroad, carrying with them elements of their own culture. I put this migration in relation to my personal biography and childhood memories. My mother is Rumanian and she left Brasov before 1989, in 1973, getting married
to an Italian man, who has himself a bi-national identity, Italo-Croatian. The mixed and moving roots of my identity are the expression of an even more frequent situation that belongs to even more people in the time of globalization. Like some moving plants, roots can survive in different
terrains, but they take with them some essential elements of the terrain in which they have grown up, of their “homeland”. Ties are maintained through some objects of affection, food, and attitudes, in the continuous going and coming back.
The work is a moving installation composed of some elements related to Romanian culture, little everyday objects, food, smells, and music…
The name “Patria”; of the space was the suggestion for elaborating this work. I set up a space for meeting and discussion in the foyer of the Cine-Auditorium Sala Patria, with Hall’s frequent visitors, asking them what they understood by "patria" and what their feeling
and meaning were. From the considerations that emerged, I then elaborated on the moving elements of the installation made for that place.

> The work was made at Sala Patria, in the foyer of Cine-Auditorium Patria, in the context of A3. Ateliere de Artă Alternativă project, Brasov.


Atelier Sala Patria