Vie d’acqua

Verso un’origine che accade ogni giorno perché ogni giorno piove

(Waterways. To an origin that happens every day because every day it rains)


Installation + audio
8 walking stiks. 5 prints 15×22 cm.
205x150x50 cm.
File audio, 1 h 00’ 26” in loop.


Starting from a reflection on formation and transformation processes of Val d’Ossola landscape, I climbed the paths of the rivers that every day destroy and create their own landscape, towards the origin of that process, to the mountain peaks, where the clouds that feed these waterways form.
The sticks used for walking give form to an installation, accompanied by the reading of the writings found in the “books of the shelters” encountered.



Fortezza del Priamar, Savona, 2017


> C.A.R.S. Cusio Artist Residency Space, by Lorenza Boisi and Andrea Ruschetti. The exhibition was at FARO Industry, Omegna (VC), Italy.