Ciò che è vivo | Francia-Italia


Journey + landscape action (environmental installation)
33 pine wood letters, landscape + photography
Sablons (France)-Milan (Italy), about 500 km, 3 days.


Ciò che è vivo ha bisogno di ciò che è vivo is the synthesis of a concept that lies at the basis of living and which derives from some reflections on organic and biodynamic agriculture together with Gianni Catellani, former director of the Le Madri Foundation in Rolo (RE). In a context in which the lack of vitality of soils and intensively cultivated foods contributes to the progressive degeneration of both physical and spiritual mankind, a change of perspective can take place by recovering an organic point of view that allows life to be kept dynamic through the living itself, with healthy agriculture. 
This thought has been written in large wooden letters to be placed in the landscape, a thought that becomes active on a landscape scale. The action is documented photographically.

The work was realised on the journey between Sablons and Milan, between 28 and 31 December 2013, during the return trip to Italy from a residency in France, by inserting the wooden letter sentence in the different landscapes crossed, in an act of repeated enunciation. The phrase was inserted at different points along the route, some more significant than others: in front of a corn feed industry for livestock, in a field fertilised with manure, at the French-Italian border, which is the physical site of import-export trafficking, in the Val di Susa, the field of the no-Tav struggles, in the area of the decommissioned nuclear power plant in Trino, to arrive at the Expo site in Milan, where land for agricultural use has been transformed into building land to host the biggest international event on nutrition.

As the exhibition took place before the trip, the wooden letters were placed in the exhibition space packed as they arrived from the manufacturer, thus presenting a work that had yet to be realised.



Tavolo la cucina con lumaca ragionando sui limiti


Risque acceptable


The same phrase was used again in 2015 to make Ciò che è vivo – culture tour


> Project GAP – Global Art Programme, Waiting for Expo 2015, promoted by Artegiovane Milano and coordinated by FARE, in collaboration with Art3 Valence, in residence at Moly-Sabata, Sablons (FR).