Performance and audio installation

Performers: Emanuela Ascari, Josué Rauscher.

Phytosanitaire, is the reading of a list of names of chemicals that are used to compose the common pesticides used in agriculture. They are almost unknown substances designed to eliminate forms of life, and of the earth and the body feed on daily. These names were taken from a catalogue of plant protection products for agriculture, and they are insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, etc.., used to eliminate any kind of living organism that can infest soil and crops.

The list becomes the material for a performance: the reading of these names, in French. In reading, I tried to achieve a harmony of sound, a rhythm, which was regularly interrupted by my inability in speaking French, which caused errors in pronunciation, immediately corrected by a Frenchman in front of me.

Naming is a way to learn, becoming aware of something commonly ignored, in an action that takes shape from the limits of language.

The audio was recorded live during the first day of the exhibition, showing the production of what will remain a sound installation.


Tavolo la cucina con lumaca ragionando sui limiti

Ciò che è vivo – France/Italia

Risque acceptable


> GAP Project – Global Art Programme, Waiting for Expo 2015, promoted by Artegiovane Milano and coordinated by FARE, in collaboration with Art3 Valence, in residence at Moly-Sabata, Sablons (FR).