Risque acceptable


Risque Acceptable is an exhibition made in 2013, at the end of an artist residency at Moly-Sabata, Sablons (FR) for the GAP – Global Art Programme project, Waiting for Expo 2015. I was asked to think about the themes of Expo 2015: food, health, and life.

The result was a series of three works, originating from some reflections on Serge Latouche’s Degrowth Theory and from meeting Jeane-Claude Girardin, a former plant protection representative, and a snail.

Tavolo la cucina con lumaca ragionando sui limiti (ambientazione), Phytosanitaire (performance e installazione sonora), e Ciò che è vivo (installazione itinerante), un viaggio di tre giorni in cui ho posizionato una frase di grandi lettere di legno all’interno dei paesaggi attraversati durante il ritorno in Italia nel tragitto tra Sablons e Milano.

The exhibition was conceived as a living and dynamic space, to solicit the temporal dimension rather than contemplation: a space where works happen. A living, inhabitable environment, a performance and sound installation, and a project that will be realized after the end of the exhibition.



Tavolo la cucina con lumaca ragionando sui limiti


Ciò che è vivo – France/Italia


Risque Acceptable, Espace Jeanne de Flandreysy, Valence, 2013.
Progetto GAP – Global Art Programme, Waiting for Expo 2015, promoted by Artegiovane Milano and coordinated by  FARE, in collaboration with Art3 Valence, in  Moly-Sabata, Sablons (FR).