Risque acceptable


Risque Acceptable is an exhibition made in 2013, at the end of an artist residency at Moly-Sabata, Sablons (FR) for the GAP – Global Art Programme project, Waiting for Expo 2015. I was asked to think about the themes of Expo 2015: food, health, and life.

The result was a series of three works, originating from some reflections on Serge Latouche’s Degrowth Theory and from meeting Jeane-Claude Girardin, a former plant protection representative, and a snail.

Tavolo la cucina con lumaca ragionando sui limiti (ambientazione), Phytosanitaire (performance e installazione sonora), e Ciò che è vivo (travelling installation), a three-day journey in which I placed a sentence of large wooden letters within the landscapes I passed through on my way back to Italy between Sablons and Milan.

The exhibition was conceived as a living and dynamic space, to solicit the temporal dimension rather than contemplation: a space where works happen. A living and inhabitable environment, a performance and sound installation, a project that will be realised after the end of the exhibition.


Tavolo la cucina con lumaca ragionando sui limiti


Ciò che è vivo – France/Italia


Risque Acceptable, Espace Jeanne de Flandreysy, Valence, 2013.
Progetto GAP – Global Art Programme, Waiting for Expo 2015, promoted by Artegiovane Milano and coordinated by  FARE, in collaboration with Art3 Valence, in  Moly-Sabata, Sablons (FR).