Camí sense sortida?


Digital photography
Lambda print 70×105 cm


The work comes from the research Un projecte no previst, carried out during the residency at Convent de les Arts, Alcover, Catalunya, following the ancient irrigation channels until reaching the monocultures of hazelnut and olive trees.  Vies d’aigua.

The land is a vital heritage to take care of, but the industrialization of agriculture and agrochemistry, are bearing serious consequences. The abundant use of pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers are reducing biodiversity by poisoning soils, water, food, and therefore man himself. The land is growing less and less fertile and man is becoming as sterile as the land from which the food comes.
What future does the hyperproductivity required by the market offer us? What attention is being paid to the health of the land and of the people who live there? Under the current environmental conditions, may we have reached a dead end, with no way out?
The landscape is dotted with large cisterns for collecting water, some of which, since agriculture is no longer the primary job for the community, are left empty. I identified one of these empty tanks, and I involved a group of people in a journey towards the tank, in order to enter it and thus create a significant image of the research carried out.


Un projecte no previst

Vies d’aigua

1h avellanas

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