Vies d’aigua


Exploration + walking and photography
Projection of 78 images in sequence
Lambda print 70×105 cm.


Called to confront the cultural heritage and identity of Alcover, I began to explore the area by following the ancient water channels to irrigate the fields, which took me out of the village, beyond the railway, into the olive and hazelnut fields, allowing me to observe land use and agriculture.

What are the agricultural policies and practices in these places? What is the sensitivity for a living matter such as land? The earth is a vital heritage to be cared for, but the industrialisation of agriculture and agrochemicals have led to consequences that are clearly visible even in these landscapes. Are we at a dead end?

What if the accumulation of value was not measured in money, but in the health of the earth, the land and the people who live on it? What value can we place on pure water and air, on a preserved environment rich in biodiversity? Are these forms of wealth that bring well-being?

Doing good farming is an ecological, political and social act.


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