Ciò che è vivo – culture tour


Ciò che è vivo – culture tour
Travelling installation, travel, photography
33 pine letters, landscapes, people
33 stages
Variable dimensions

Between April and May 2015 I embarked on a tour through Italy to visit organic, biodynamic and permacultural farms, carrying with me a phrase spelled out in wooden letters: “Ciò che è vivo ha bisogno di ciò che è vivo” (That which is alive needs that which is alive). This phrase is a synthesis of the organic vision of biodynamic farming that considers the vitality of the soil essential for the vitality of the environment and humans.

This travelling installation, set up for a day on the land of the people who accepted my invitation, gave me an excuse to meet with farmers and to stay with them, to collect and exchange knowledge about agriculture, in order to rethink together the relationship between humans and the environment, starting from the earth/Earth. It was a research on culture, in a meeting between art and agriculture.



Ciò che è vivo – project

Ciò che è vivo – libro

Ciò che è vivo – Le vie della canapa

Ciò che è vivo – Verso il sole. Per elevarsi da terra

Ciò che è vivo – cromatografie


In 2016 the culture tour had an additional stop in Maranola, during Seminaria Festival 2016.

Ciò che è vivo – Agricolarte


> The tour was supported by the Fondazione Baruchello with contributions from the Associazione La zappa sui piedi, Adelfia’s Associazione per la Promozione del Territorio Tipicadelfia, Turin’s PAV – Parco d’Arte Vivente di Torino, and everyone who made this project possible by offering me a place to stay and a little of their time. My most heartfelt thanks to all of you.