Ciò che è vivo – culture tour | cromatografie


Circular chromatographs
Silver nitrate, soda, earth, demineralised water, time, filter paper.
No. 28 drawings, ø 150cm


Circular chromatography is a technique used by biodynamic farmers to analyse the vitality and characteristics of soils, fruits and plants. These images are generated through a chemical process, and a time-bound ritual, by reaction of silver nitrate with light and the substance to be analysed. In this way, substances manifest their characteristics in images that are visible expressions of their qualities and vital forces, and can be read according to aesthetic parameters such as beauty, harmony of colour and vitality of form, as with works of art. It is a qualitative rather than quantitative analysis,

During the culture tour I collected samples of the soils of the different stops and for each one I created an image, an expression of the vitality of those soils.


> Produced by MACRO, Artists in Residence Programme 2015


Ciò che è vivo – project

Ciò che è vivo – culture tour


This practice is also offered as a workshop:  Chroma_Lab


Subsequently, these chromatographs were the basis for further work
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